Anthropus Camps can be found on the map ranging from level 1 to level 11. They are inhabited by Anthropuswhich are similar to the troops you are able to train in your City and Outposts. See the table below for comparisons. Even though different level Camps have the same image on the Map, they have different amounts of troops. Do not make the mistake of attacking a Camp that is higher in level just by looking at the image on the Map.

These Camps are excellent sources of food and lumber to an extent. Before you attempt to attack any Camps, make sure you have the amount of troops and researches listed below or on the table which is ordered according to Camp level. These numbers have been acquired from other players, not from Kabam, and are well tested but not always 100% accurate. Warnings have been posted in the red boxes, so before mixing troops or troops and Dragons, read the warnings.

Anthropus Camps and Wildernesses regenerate 10% of their population every 5 minutes. Therefore, in 50 minutes the location will have completely regenerated 100% of its inhabitants. If a location is partially regenerated, you must send 2 waves of troops to completely clear the location or else after the 1st attack, 50% of the inhabitants will still be there. And if you send your Great or Elemental Dragons to a partially regenerated location, it will take more damage and will result in longer healing times.

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